This bundle allows our customers a quick and easy way to purchase a full sensory room, with no need to wait for a sensory room design.

The bundle is already planned to fit into the corner of any room (assuming no obstructions) and is easy to install. Featuring all of the key ingredients of any sensory room: bubble tube, fibre optic, projector and soft padding. This is a full sensory room with all the hassle taken away!

Perfect for interaction and calming, the equipment can be used for a variety of purposes, including the development of switching skills, cause and effect, colour recognition, colour matching, motor skills, social interaction and more.

The bundle includes our Superactive LED Bubble Tube with wireless controller, allowing an individual to control the colour and bubbles in the tube from a distance of up to 30 m. A soft padded plinth allows the user to sit close to the tube and feel its vibrations while mirrors give the effect of multiple tubes. Wall padding and floor padding is also included to create a ‘safe’ area for people to sit or lie down and enjoy the calming music and lighting.

This bundle is a favorite of people of all ages and abilities.

This bundle includes:
- 1 x Superactive LED Bubble Tube & 9 way Wireless Controller
- 1x Curved Bubble Tube Platform - Large 48 W x 48 L x 16 inches H
- 1x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirrors - 48 inches
- 1x BCB - Bubble Tube Additive
- 1 x Bubble Tube Pump and Hose
- 1x Projector Bundle, including Solar 250 Projector, wheel rotator, and 3 effect wheels (Deep, Fireworks and a blank wheel)
- 4 x Calming Sounds CDs
- 1 x Superactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle (includes Superactive LED Lightsource, Tails and 9 way Switchbox)
- 2 x Soft Wall Padding - 48 inches
- 3 x Soft Floor Padding - 48 inches
- 1 x LED Calming Fiber Optic Softie, including optic and lightsource (Two colors: cream or navy blue)
- 1 x Bubble Tube Bracket
- 1 x Mirror Ball Bundle, including  a 10 inch mirror ball with motor and a pinspot with a 4 color wheel
- 1 x Fitting instructions
- 1 x Manual
- 1 x Spare Lamp for Solar 250 Projector

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