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Trilogy 24 Inch Wheel

The 24 inch wheel Trike is recommend for users over 5.4 inch and taller and up to 16 stone in weight. Minimum inside leg from saddle to pedal not the floor as feet do not need to touch the ground, 28 inches.

Features include 6 speed Index gears, alloy rims with alloy V Brake front, plus a drum type brake for the rear wheels. Handle bars are adjustable for forward reach, ajustable stem to ajust the lengh. A large comfortable saddle is fitted as standard equipment. A large basket is fitted to the rear frame to carry some basic shopping. This model Trike has a parking brake fitted to the front & rear brake.
The weight of the Trikes are 32 kilo. Width is 30 inches. Colour silver & blue with silver guards.

If your tricycle needs to be stored outside then trike covers are available from the trike spares page along with other extras.



Tribrid Trike

Coming Soon
The new Tribrid has been designed for the faster, more energetic rider in mind. With its lightweight alloy frame it blends the best characteristics of both road and mountain bikes into a Trike.

Fully equipped with its triple front chain, and 7 speed rear freewheel allowing for a total of 21 speed, and with its larger 700c wheels, this hybrid will cut any travelling time in half, and make light work of most hills. The upright seating position gives you more posture, and allows for a well-placed centre of gravity resulting in a more comfortable ride. It is also designed for the rider to have better vision and control.

This ideal Tribrid is fitted with adjustable front suspension forks enabling it to be adjusted for different types of terrain suitable for riding on streets and bike paths.


The Chopper Trike

The Chopper Trikes have been designed with Quality, Style and Cool Factor in mind. Making them more desirable to the younger and possibly the older generation than traditional style tricycles. The 20 inch wheel model comes equipped with 10 inch Ape Hanger Bars. Triple tree forks. 6 speed gear.

Platform pedals. CNC BMX chain ring. Platform pedals. Leather chopper style grips. Maxxis Hookworm tyres. Rear drum brake, V brake on the front. A solid platform on the back to take a basket or any other type of container for transporting objects like footballs ECT. Minimum inside leg measurement 24 inches. Saddle at its highest point 32 inches. Width between rear wheels 27 inches. Overall length 68 inches.


Industrial Trike

Our new Industrial Trike has been specially designed for heavy duty activities.

This robust creation is ideal for making light work of many warehouse operations, with its extra strong High Tensile steel frame, and heavy duty tyres, and the pneumatic wheels provide the extra stability and traction for those heavy loads. In addition it comes with a strong rear platform, essential to carrying cargo.

Fitted with V break Technology, this feature gives three times greater braking power to the front wheel. Plus it is also fitted with an additional Parking Brake. Shimano 3 speed Nexus hub gear with rear coaster pedal back brake. Maximum load including rider 30 stone. Min inside leg 26 inch to max 35 inch

A huge coil sprung padded saddle for that extra comfort is ideal, making this trike ideal for taller and heavier riders.


Solo Trike

This is the new Mission Solo. The frame has been specially designed with a low step over of only 6 inches from the ground making it easy to mount and dismount. Proven to be very popular with the elderly and physically challenged. Giving a new lease of life by feeling safe on three wheels. Helping to raise the independence of disabled people and achieve a greater sense of self-worth.

The solo is ideal for those little shopping trips with a large basket on the rear to carry groceries. They are also used as delivery vehicles.

Equipped with 20” alloy wheels. Front V-brake rear drum brake. Full set of mudguards, 6 speed Shimano gears. Adjustable handlebar stem. Both brake levers are equipped with a parking brake. A comfortable padded sprung saddle.

The width across the rear axle is 30 Inches (76cm).The width across the rear axle is 30 Inches (76cm). Overall length 73 inches (185cm). This is a very healthy and environmentally friendly travel option.


Groundforce Trike

The Mission Groundforce, has been ingeniously designed from the ground upwards incorporating stability as foremost in our minds. It boasts 4 x 24” wheels, and comes equipped with front wheel steer.

The 21 speed gears and disc brakes make this little gem ‘a must have’. Ideally suited for people with poor stability and may feel unsafe on a two wheeled cycle. This bike will regenerate peoples lost dreams of ever riding again, and having restored their faith, will enhance both their physical and mental health


The Trilux

The Trilux has a wide scope of adjustment. The saddle can be moved along the frame closer or further away from the pedals to acquire a comfortable leg position, with adjustable seat height making it suitable for children and adults

Especially for people in their autumn years who are no longer feel comfortable riding a two wheeler. The saddle also has a reclining adjustment giving the Trilux a more recumbent riding style. A low step over frame makes for easy access. A padded all around handle bar allows the hands to be placed in the most comfortable riding position with a central brake lever operation plus a parking brake option.

Powered by a 3-speed Shimano hub gear, operated by twist grip gear shifter. A pedal back rear brake and front V brake. A rear-shopping basket. Front and rear mudguards.
An excellent feature with the Trilux is that it can be folded in half for easier storage. It can then be transported in a vehicle to parks, days out, holidays ect.

Dimensions Width between rear wheels 27” (69cm). Allowing to move through smaller spaces with ease and stability. Overall length 65” (165cm). Reduced to 43” (109cm) when folded. Saddle height from saddle to floor. 25” (63cm) min. 31” (79cm) max. Max rider weight limit.


Semi Recumbent Trike

The Mission Semi Recumbent Tricycle comes with comfort and versatility as forefront of its many feature abilities which include:-

The very low, extra-large seat, with its fully adjustable backrest, not only enhances comfort, but is designed with safety in mind too. The lower position of the seat enables the rider the ability to place both feet flat to the ground, while seated, thus assuring the utmost stability.

This style of Recumbent Trikes with their pedal forward concept, are noted for their speed, partly due to the improved aerodynamics of having your legs in front of you, which allows for extra ease with pedalling and lowers the centre of gravity, allowing for more speed.
The handlebars which are swept back and raised for a more natural, upright seating position, allows for this Trike to be one of our leading designs, incorporating the most natural posture control available.

FEATURES: Very low, extra large seat with big backrest that is fully adjustable. Special Comfort handlebars 16” front wheel and 20" rear wheels. Sram 7 speed gripshit gears with rear derailleur gearing. Triple front chainring 52, 42, 32. - rear 14T to 28T. Rear disc brake. Front V brake. Alloy rims. Semi slick tyres. Trike weight: 29 kg.


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